Every thing you need for your puppy

What do you need to start your puppy off on the right paw? Let’s take a look at some of the essentials: food, bowls and bowls; toys; collar and leash; puppy bed or crate; dog harness; dog backpack… and so on. If you want to keep up with your four-legged friend’s growing needs, then read through this list before making any decisions about what items will be required for your new pup!

food, bowls:

You need to feed your puppy.

You need to clean up after your puppy.

You need to have bowls for your puppy.

You also need a place for the food and water (or “water” if you’re in an area that doesn’t get hot weather), so make sure it’s somewhere far enough away from where people eat or drink so that they don’t step on it and spill their drinks on the floor or get splashed with saliva from a wet dog tongue.


There are a lot of puppy toys out there, but it can be hard to know which ones to get. You want your new dog to have something fun and safe for him or her to play with—but also something durable that will last for years.

So what should you look for in a puppy toy? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Durability: This should be one of the first things on any list of criteria when buying anything for your pup. If you end up spending more time repairing than playing with the toy, then it’s not worth getting at all! Puppies chew through even expensive ones because they’re teething or bored (or both). Always make sure there’s nothing dangerous inside such as batteries or sharp edges before purchasing anything new so they don’t hurt themselves while playing around with them later on down the road either.”

collar and leash:

You’ll need a collar and leash that’s comfortable, easy to use and long enough to keep your dog within sight. A collar should fit well and be adjustable so it can grow with your puppy as they get bigger. Leashes should also be flexible enough to bend without breaking or kinking while keeping the dog under control during walks or training sessions. Finally, choose a leash made of materials that are hardy but not harsh on their skin (such as nylon) since puppies have sensitive skin which can easily become irritated by harsh materials like metal or plastic

puppy bed or crate:

A puppy bed or crate is a safe place for your puppy to sleep. It’s also where they can feel secure and safe.

A good way to start is by getting two different types of beds: one that you can use while you are home, and one that should stay in the room with your pet (so he will want it). You may want to try having both kinds at once so that neither gets more attention than the other!

dog harness:

If you’re looking for a way to train your puppy, a dog harness is essential. You can use the collar or harness method and the choice will depend on your personal preference. A collar is generally preferred because it provides more control over your pet when he or she pulls against it, but if you have a large dog with thick fur, this may not be appropriate for use in public places where other people might be walking by. If this is an issue for you, then using one of our collars would be an excellent option!

While there are many different types of collars available today (and we carry them), these three types are some of our favorites:

  • The Gentle Leader® – This collar offers gentle correction while still allowing full range of motion around their neck area so they don’t feel restricted at all times; however since it releases tension quickly when pressure is applied against its surface then no matter how hard they try they won’t get hurt either way!
  • The Head collar – This type works great if both humans and dogs need training sessions together as well because unlike other types which require constant supervision during use by both parties involved; these make things easy peas lemon squeeze by releasing excess energy immediately after being triggered into action…meaning there’s no need anymore than before!

dog backpack

There are many reasons to use a dog backpack. The most obvious one is that it’s a great way to carry your pup around, whether you’re going for a walk or traveling by car. You can also use it for hiking or when taking them on trips. If you want to bring along treats and toys, the backpack will be able to do that as well! It’s also possible to put water in there if necessary (or at least some extra food).

you need the basics to start your puppy off on the right foot.

You need to start your puppy off on the right foot. You need to get the basics right, and then you can get everything else.

A good place to begin is with these three things:

  • A crate or kennel (or two) for your pup when he’s at home alone for long periods of time (like overnight). This will help him feel secure so that he doesn’t develop separation anxiety as he grows up and leaves his home. A small bed will also work well here—a towel folded in half works well too!
  • Treats! My personal favorite is Nutri-Medics Dog Food Supplement because it contains all natural ingredients that are good for their health while being tasty enough not only for humans but also dogs! Plus there’s no aftertaste like some other brands might have; just pure goodness straight from nature itself.”


Now that you’re stocked with all the essentials, you can start your puppy off right! Remember that every dog is different and some of these things might not be necessary for your pup. So, do what works best for your dog and remember that every dog needs love and care too.

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