Train your dog for Flyball and know its Benefits

Flyball is an adventurous dog sport that includes dog teams and their handlers competing against one another to finish a relay race. The goal is for the dogs on every team to pass over some hurdles, recover a tennis ball from a box and pass the hurdles to cross the finish line. The fastest one to finish it wins.

Flyball is a demanding game, which helps in building muscle, enhances coordination and improves endurance, adding a sense of teamwork in your dog. It is a remarkable form of exercise and is highly recommended for active breed canines.

Flyball allows your dog to socialize with others. It explains them to follow cues, concentrate and make immediate decisions. If your dog likes solving puzzles or loves hide-and-seek, then Flyball will surely keep them happy.

Flyball training needs consistency, patience and devotion. Other participants including dogs and people are a big part of the sport, so if your dog is nervous while reacting with new people you should seek help of a dog behaviorist.

Professional competitors and training professionals suggest teaching every step of the flyball race step by step. Include new things to the training process once your dog is comfortable. Preparing your dog for flyball means, your dog should know:

  • Basic obedience skills: Your dog should be familiar with basic obedience skills such as stay, sit and go. These hints serve as building blocks for further flyball process.
  • Learn to jump over the hurdles: Slowly introduce the flyball hurdles to your dog by beginning with low height. Gradually increase the number and height of the hurdles as they learn the initial one. Develop their confidence and keep them encouraged.
  • Ball recovery: Explain how to recover a tennis ball to your dog. Make your own ball retrieve wall unit just like done in competition. Place the ball a short distance away and make your dog stay till you have given the cue to recover the ball. Slowly increase the distance. You may need one more person to hold your dog while you stay with the ball.
  • Practice for the relay race: After your dog is comfortable with the distance and number of hurdles, begin practicing for the relay race by include more dogs.

Remember every dog has its own talent and limitations. Develop a program according to the pace, learning ability and confidence of your dog. Don’t push them as it can cause burnout or injury.

Benefits of participating in Flyball

  • Strengthen heart: Running enhances blood pumping and boosts cardiovascular health.
  • Better mental stimulation: Flyball involves doing multiple things which helps activate several brain cells.
  • Stronger muscles and bones: It strengthens your dog’s bone joints and muscles as it involves running, walking, jumping and playing.
  • Socialize with other dogs: It allows your dog to socialize with other dogs and get used to new people.
  • Helps develop a close relation with your dog: It is a game to help develop a deeper bond between you and your dog. The more time you spend together, the close you will get to your canine friend.



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